Competition Rules

All events will be organized in accordance with the Competition Rules for IOF MTB Orienteering Event's as published by the IOF and valid of 1 January 2016, the Special Rules for the 2016 World Cup in MTB Orienteering, the Special Rules for the 2016 World MTB Orienteering Championships and the IOF Anti-Doping Rules valid at the time of The Event.

IOF MTB Orienteering Competition rules are available on:


Summary of the most important rules:

- Competitors must get to all control points with their bikes.

- Riding off the track, trail or path is allowed in areas marked as forest or freely ride able open area. Off road riding is strictly prohibited in all other areas, including settlements, cultivated land, orchards, vineyards and all other open areas not marked as ride able. Competitors riding off road in restricted areas are responsible for any damage claimed by the landowners and will be disqualified.

- In Portugal one drives on the RIGHT side of road.

- Therefore riders must ride on the RIGHT side on all roads and tracks.

- Overtaking slower riders should be done by the LEFT.


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