Press Release Pre-Competition

The 2016 World MTB Orienteering Championships (WMTBOC) is about to start. From 23rd to 31st July the Portuguese municipalities of Mealhada, Cantanhede and Águeda will host an event in which over 400 athletes from 21 different countries are expected to compete.

For the second time in the last seven years, Portugal is the host for the world’s biggest MTB Orienteering event. Well-known for its beautiful vineyard scenery and exquisite gastronomy, the Bairrada region in the centre of the country is the venue for an exciting and intense week of competition. Over 400 athletes will fight for the world titles in the Elite and Junior categories, the European titles in Youth categories, and for the best results over the two stages of the World Masters Championships in the Veterans categories.

Responding to the trust placed upon them by the IOF, the Portuguese organisation decided on the municipalities of Águeda, Cantanhede and Mealhada as the event venue. This is a region with much natural beauty, and terrain with a high potential for quality MTB Orienteering. The technically difficult terrain will most certainly provide great challenges for the competitors.

For the local authorities the event is very important for the promotion of MTBO, but also for promoting the region as a whole. “This is a good example of partnership in promoting a territory, with all the right conditions for putting the Bairrada region on the map”, said João Moura, Mayor of Cantanhede, during the Event Presentation Press Conference. Also Edson Santos, Councillor for Águeda, highlighted the implications “at the level of local economic development,” while Rui Marqueiro, Mayor of Mealhada, considered it as “an opportunity to show the best we have to a few hundred people of different nationalities.”

Detailed program

Sunday, 24th July

11:00-15:00: Model events Sprint and Relay (Cantanhede)

15:00: Deadline for names/start group allocation for sprint competitions at the EC

17:30: Team Leaders meeting (TLM) at Mealhada (WMTBOC, JWMTBOC, EYMTBOC and WCup)

18:30: Opening Ceremony (Mealhada)

Monday, 25th July

11:00: Start for Sprint EYMTBOC (Cantanhede)

12:00: Start for Sprint JWMTBOC (Cantanhede) (Cantanhede)

13:00: Start for Sprint WMTBOC (Cantanhede)

14:30: Start for Sprint Open Classes (Cantanhede)

15:30: Prize Giving Ceremony for Sprint (Cantanhede) - EYMTBOC, JWMTBOC, WMTBOC, Open

Tuesday, 26th July

10:00: Mass Start for ME + M20 (Luso)

10:10: Mass Start for WE + W20 (Luso)

10:30: Mass Start for M17, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75 (Luso)

10:40: Mass Start for W17, W40, W45, W50, W55, W60, W65, W70, W75 (Luso)

12:00-16:00: Model Events Middle and Long Distances (Luso)

16:00: Deadline for names/start group allocation for Middle Distance competitions at the Event Center

17:00: Masters Series Information session at Event Center (Águeda)

18:00: Team Leaders meeting at Event Center (Águeda)

Wednesday, 27th July

10:00: Start for Middle Distance (Águeda)

14:30: Prize giving ceremony for Middle Distance (Águeda)

Thursday, 28th July

15:00: Deadline for names/start group allocation for Long Distance competitions at Event Center

18:00: Team Leaders Meeting at Event Center (Águeda)

Friday, 29th July

10:00: Start for Long Distance (Águeda)

15:00: Deadline for names/start group allocation for Relay competitions at the EC

17:00: Prize giving ceremony for Long Distance (Águeda)

18:00: Team Leaders Meeting at Event Center (Águeda)

Saturday, 30th July

09:00: Mass start first leg Relay (Mealhada)

14:00: Prize giving ceremony for Relay (Mealhada)

19:00: Closing Ceremony and Party MTBO’16 (Cantanhede)

Joaquim Margarido

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